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Linehealth is a healthcare startup aiming to solve medication adherence by developing an integrated solution comprising a smart pill dispenser - for the patients, an app - for the caretakers, and a dashboard - for the doctors. Targeting chronic patients and the elder community, this B2B company partnered with Insurance companies, Hospitals, nursing homes and Pharmaceutical Companies to test and distribute the product.

I co-founded the company with 3 partners, leading all hardware and software design and brand identity. Simultaneously built and managed engineering and design teams in Boston and Lisbon, and led user research and clinical trials. I also had the pleasure of representing the company in over 20 technology and innovation events, was a panelist, mentor and guest speaker, in Portugal, Germany and the USA.

Linehealth won Best Hardware at LaunchFest 2016 in San Francisco, California, and holds 2 utility patents and a design patent.

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