Selected Work

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    Linehealth is a healthcare startup aiming to solve medication adherence by developing an integrated solution comprising a smart pill dispenser, an app and a dashboard.

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    Sustainable Urban

    SU is a digital hub where you can learn all about sustainability and innovation, shop for sustainable products and find ways to act on environmental and social causes.

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    Concrete Sensors

    CS is a Boston based company that develops high tech sensors to measure the curing and drying of concrete, in order to ensure the structure's safety as well as maximizing efficiency, saving time and money and reducing emissions.

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    Creative Mary

    CreativeMary is a luxury lighting brand based in Portugal with clients all over the world. All products are manufactured by local artisans with fine portuguese materials.

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    ConquerX is a Boston based startup that aims to revolutionize early-stage cancer detection, making it affordable and available to all. The team has developed PACT, a poly-analytic diagnostic platform that combines bio sensing and artificial intelligence.

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    Tamim Teas

    Tamim Teas is a Boston based startup that develops mushroom tea with organic, locally sourced medicinal mushrooms and herbs.

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    Carrozo is a digital content strategist who helps brands use their resources to achieve business results. He specializes is corporate communications, brand and culture.

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